Before your cut, you will be consulted by a stylist to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

During the process, we’ll take your identity, your style and your wishes in consideration. Moreover, we’ll use the latest, cutting- edge techniques and the finest, carefully selected products. And most importantly, we’ll take you along for the cutting experience, so you’ll walk out knowing how it’s been done and why it complements your style.

Once it’s done, all we did is cut your hair, but you’ll be walking out feeling like a whole new you.

We plan our appointments back-to-back, with little time to waste, that means that we’re able to give everyone the service that they truly deserve. As such, we would very much appreciate it if you aren’t running late for your appointments and, just in case you are, please let us know immediately. Unfortunately, if you are more than 10 minutes late, we’re going to have to cancel the appointment. Repeated cancellations or nonappearances may lead to being charged fees.

Mens haircut / 40 EUR
Clipper cut (fade) / 30 EUR
Head shave / 30 EUR

Beard trim / 25 EUR

Haircut + Beard trim / 55 EUR
Haircut + Wash and style / 50 EUR

Identity Hair Do / 60 EUR
An Identity Hair Do is a 60 minute appointment during which you will receive the hairstyle that best matches your identity and complements your style. Together, we’ll deliberate the cut you’re looking for and go from there to make it fit, all the while we’ll be informing you on how to go about creating the same hairstyle yourself in the future.

Opening Hours
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Sunday / Closed