Meet the team


Since his return to the Netherlands in 2017, Jelle has dedicated himself to creating a hairstyle studio that not only matches cuts with identities but also complements the style of his customers. Jelle’s versatile skillset and international experience make him an all-round barber with a knack for connecting with people from all walks of life.


After working as a teacher, Daan started his journey in the Dutch hair industry in 2014. Since then, he combines his experience as a hairstylist and barber in mix salons with his amiable character and skillset to connect with whoever is sitting in his chair. In his day-to-day practice, Daan’s way of working is aimed towards creating a hairstyle that is catered to the personal look and style of the person he has in front of him.


Originating from London, Harvey’s scissors have led him to Melbourne and Berlin before settling in Amsterdam. At ByJelle, he works in a salon that matches his style and values of creativity, diversity and personal touch. He enjoys creating all hairstyles, from natural cuts to textured and sharp haircuts.